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Orgone Nano Wands

The Orgone Nano Wand is an orgone generator that restores energetic balance and has all of the properties of orgonite in a concentrated form.  The natural resonance that has been created in the wand by the combination and fusion of nano-sized particles of minerals (crystals and metal) is especially beneficial if you have health problems because this resonance has the ability to trigger your own body's natural healing process.  The wand is also entrained to produce negative ions as well as magnetic energy, both aids to vital health.

Like orgonite, the Orgone Nano Wand energises food and drinks and enhances oils and creams, for improved nutrient absorption.  Merely rotate the wand for a few minutes in a clockwise direction over whatever you choose to energise to enable the orgone energy (aka zero point energy) to spin into it.  You'll appreciate the smoother taste of your food and drink that wanding generates.

Using the wand on your body

This wanding action is also used with great effect on any part of your body that is an area of unease/dis-ease.  It's a good idea to start each treatment session by wanding a glass of water for about a minute.  By drinking that water your cells harmonise with the energy of the wand.  Then wand the meridian endpoints of your toes and fingers - about 10 clockwise circles around each fingernail, and then each toenail will ignite your energy field.  After that move to the area to be treated, position the wand close to the skin and rotate it over the area for 5 to 20 minutes.  To break up swelling and congestion, 'dot' the skin after each rotation.

Experiment with other techniques.  Try cross-hatching, rubbing and tip tapping, for instance.

I suggest that you wear your Orgone Nano Wand close to your body for maximum benefit.  This will act as a constant reminder to your body to activate self-healing, strengthen your immune system, and bring about relief from aches and pains.  I was delighted to find, after a short while of going to sleep with my wand clutched in my right hand, that my right shoulder, which had plagued me for years, was no longer painful.   However I also wore the wand near my shoulder during the day so that no doubt speeded up the healing process.

Take care of your Orgone Nano Wand

Do NOT keep it in your refrigerator as is suggested by some distributors, but rather keep a piece of orgonite in your fridge to energise the food inside it.

Excellent value

Orgone Nano Wand

The cost of the Orgone Nano Wand is R330.

For your peace of mind, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Try out the wand in the comfort of your own home and if for any reason you are not satisfied, return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price.  Please note, however, that this refund does not include any mailing costs.

Contact me if you'd like to order an Orgone Nano Wand.  I accept payment via PayPal and ship to anywhere in the world.

Books on wands and wanding

For more information about wands, please click the images below, which link to  You'll be able to search inside both books and thereby get a good idea of what they are about.

This book provides both basic and advanced information about the science of wanding to help you to understand more about the technology, and explains what the wand can do for you and much more.  Read the testimonials of wand users - ordinary people who have experienced pain relief, increased vitality, more flexibility, and sharper minds through wanding.

Author Bruce Goldwell "is a law of attraction expert and a success coach" and "the Founder of the "Mastery of Abundant Living" series of books".  Co-author Jean Perrins is "a medical intuitive, expert energy practitioner and instructor, professional copywriter, author and health coach."

I highly recommend this wanding guide.  Not only does it describe and illustrate various wanding techniques, but this book also contains instructions on how and where to wand in respect of more than 100 conditions/dis-eases.

I love the dedication: "This handbook is dedicated to all those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to take back their health into their own hands, to become the healer they innately are." 

The guide is available in South Africa for R271 at  There is also a pocket guide available for only R147.

Here's a video featuring kinesiologist, Dr. Ross Andersen, who demonstrates some of the wanding techniques that are described in the guide:

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I regularly post comments, pics and links on my orgonite page on Facebook.  Have a look-see and please like my page if you find it interesting.

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Angels are special

Each angel contains a copper-wrapped quartz crystal plus chips of rose quartz, chrysoprase and amethyst.  Available in a wide range of muted colours, the angels are about 7.5cm high and 9cm wide.


Price: R140 each

EMR shields

Bodyguard Buttons are electromagnetic radiation shields that may be used not only on cell phones but also on any devices that emit EMF and EMR such as cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and game consoles.

Bodyguard Buttons

The buttons contain fine aluminium shavings, bronze and copper powder, powdered kyanite, pyrite and unakite, and chips of quartz crystal, rose quartz, chrysoprase, amethyst and black tourmaline.

The price of the buttons is R65 each.

I also offer an orgonite Cell Charm that may be looped onto a cell phone, bag, keyring, rearview mirror, belt etc.  The materials used in these charms are identical to those in the Bodyguard Buttons.

Cell Charms

The Cell Charms are available at R75 each.

Discounted orgonite

I discount field orgonite (TowerBusters) for quantity.  TBs are rough-and-ready pieces mostly used outside the home, although they are very effective inside but not attractive enough to be put on display!

My new standard pieces, made in black or white, now contain unakite, a stone with properties very like orgonite!  Unakite is a balancing and grounding stone that promotes a calming energy, lifts depression, relieves stress and insomnia, protects against electromagnetic radiation and boosts healthy plant growth.

In addition, unakite is recommended for use by pregnant women, helps to release emotional blockages and may trigger psychic vision.

Tower Busters

1 TB R40

2 TBs R75

3 TBs R110

4 TBs R145

5 TBs R175

6 TBs R205

7 TBs R235

8 TBs R260

9 TBs R285

10 TBs R310

TBs are very versatile orgonite items. Originally designed to clear the electromagnetic radiation emitting from cell phone towers, TBs are also perfect for promoting plant growth, creating a protective ring around your home and shielding you from EMF in your home (one per average sized room). Place one in your fridge, one close to your electrical distribution board and one at the water inlet to your home, as well.

Upcoming events

I shall not be trading at markets for the foreseeable future.

Orgonite veg experiment

Crops grown by P Barker as part of an orgonite plant experiment show massive differences in veggie size!

Click here for more info about various ongoing orgonite experiments.


The information contained in this website, including the use of the name 'orgonite' that is trademarked by Karl Welz, is for general information and educational purposes only, and is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.

This site is also provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of orgonite in the world, and the information is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  You are required to take complete responsibility for your own physical well-being, so please consult with your health care practitioner if you are energetically out of balance.

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