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How to make orgonite at home

Orgonite has three basic ingredients - resin, metal shavings and a quartz crystal.  I shall be describing my method of making orgonite, but there are variations, and I encourage you to Google other techniques.  There is actually a fourth basic ingredient in my case and that is intent.  I make all my orgonite in a sacred space, having cleaned and charged the crystals AND pre-wrapped many of them with copper wire, and with the heart-felt intent to make powerful orgonite that restores balance, peace and love.

  • Resin - I use a clear casting polyester resin (and the catalyst that is supplied with it) that I obtain from the local branch of a national chemical company.
  • Metal shavings - I buy my aluminium, brass and copper shavings from a local manufacturer of non-ferrous semi-fabricated products.  You may be able to obtain your filings from a local engineering shop.
  • Quartz crystal - My supplier imports from Brazil the clear quartz crystal points that I use, but low-grade quartz crystals are fine.

Safety first

Wear rubber/latex gloves - I use disposables available at my supermarket.  A useful tip: talc your hands before inserting your gloves.  It's also a good idea to wear eye-protection to avoid any of the catalyst or resin from damaging your eyes.  And if you are obliged to work indoors, keep the work area well ventilated and wear a mask protective against solvent vapours - those resin fumes are VERY strong!  Keep at hand a bottle of acetone (available from a hardware store) or nail-polish remover, and paper towels/talcum powder to mop up any spills.

Your work area

Cover your table/work bench with newspaper.  Set out crystals in a container, moulds (most of mine are silicone moulds, some of which I've made myself), a clear plastic measuring jug for the resin, a smaller measuring cup for the catalyst and a suitable stirrer (I use a tongue depresser).  You'll need a release agent - a silicone spray, vegetable oil or multi-purpose penetrating oil are all suitable.  As extra 'tools' I put out a pair of tweezers and a few wooden skewers/toothpicks, useful for plucking and prodding bits of metal, and releasing air bubbles from the resin.

The process for making TBs (Tower Busters)

Put on your protective gear.  Prepare your muffin pan mould (that's if it's not a silicone mould which doesn't require a release agent) by lightly spraying it with oil or silicone then wipe with a paper towel to disperse the coating.  Add a layer of metal shavings to each depression (I use aluminium for field TBs ie TBs that are rough and ready for gifting the planet), next a crystal, then top with more metal shavings.

You will require a total of about 600 ml of resin for a tray of 6 TBs so pour 300ml resin into the measuring jug (I prefer to work with 300 to 400 ml at a time for ease of handling).  Next measure the required amount of catalyst (according to the manufacturers recommendations) into the measuring cup.  Pour the catalyst into the resin (NEVER add resin to catalyst) and stir with the tongue depresser or other suitable stirring paddle for about a minute.

Slowly pour activated resin into about half of each depression of the mould.  Repeat the measuring, stirring and pouring steps once more if you are working with 300 ml at a time.  After pouring, tap the mould gently or poke at the poured resin with a wooden skewer or toothpick to release air bubbles.

Allow the resin to cure.  During this process a lot of heat will be generated... this is perfectly normal.  When the resin has set, turn the muffin pan upside down and the TBs should fall out.  At least that's what I experience with my silicone muffin pan.

Well, that wasn't really difficult, was it?  The part that I appreciate is that two toxic substances, polyester resin and aluminium, can create magickal muti like orgonite.

Making use of your TBs

Your creations may have bits of metal sticking from them.  That's OK.  These TBs, as is, are perfectly suitable for using outdoors, placed at the corners of your home, semi-buried in your flower garden and vegetable patch, and buried at the base of fruit trees or any tree for that matter.  Don't forget to place one at your electrical distribution board and another at the intake point of your water supply.  And of course you may use your creations to gift the places of negativity in your immediate neighbourhood, or expand the protective ring around your home.

Should you wish to transform your field TB into a paperweight, be prepared to file off the bits of extruding metal and do a lot of sanding with waterpaper.  I start off with 80 to 180 grit waterpaper and work my way up to 1200 grit.  Finish off your work of art with an automotive polishing wax or a coat of polyurethane.

Happy pouring!

My orgonite page on Facebook

I regularly post comments, pics and links on my orgonite page on Facebook.  Have a look-see and please like my page if you find it interesting.

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Angels are special

Each angel contains a copper-wrapped quartz crystal plus chips of rose quartz, chrysoprase and amethyst.  Available in a wide range of muted colours, the angels are about 7.5cm high and 9cm wide.


Price: R140 each

EMR shields

Bodyguard Buttons are electromagnetic radiation shields that may be used not only on cell phones but also on any devices that emit EMF and EMR such as cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and game consoles.

Bodyguard Buttons

The buttons contain fine aluminium shavings, bronze and copper powder, powdered kyanite, pyrite and unakite, and chips of quartz crystal, rose quartz, chrysoprase, amethyst and black tourmaline.

The price of the buttons is R65 each.

I also offer an orgonite Cell Charm that may be looped onto a cell phone, bag, keyring, rearview mirror, belt etc.  The materials used in these charms are identical to those in the Bodyguard Buttons.

Cell Charms

The Cell Charms are available at R75 each.

Discounted orgonite

I discount field orgonite (TowerBusters) for quantity.  TBs are rough-and-ready pieces mostly used outside the home, although they are very effective inside but not attractive enough to be put on display!

My new standard pieces, made in black or white, now contain unakite, a stone with properties very like orgonite!  Unakite is a balancing and grounding stone that promotes a calming energy, lifts depression, relieves stress and insomnia, protects against electromagnetic radiation and boosts healthy plant growth.

In addition, unakite is recommended for use by pregnant women, helps to release emotional blockages and may trigger psychic vision.

Tower Busters

1 TB R40

2 TBs R75

3 TBs R110

4 TBs R145

5 TBs R175

6 TBs R205

7 TBs R235

8 TBs R260

9 TBs R285

10 TBs R310

TBs are very versatile orgonite items. Originally designed to clear the electromagnetic radiation emitting from cell phone towers, TBs are also perfect for promoting plant growth, creating a protective ring around your home and shielding you from EMF in your home (one per average sized room). Place one in your fridge, one close to your electrical distribution board and one at the water inlet to your home, as well.

Upcoming events

I shall not be trading at markets for the foreseeable future.

Orgonite veg experiment

Crops grown by P Barker as part of an orgonite plant experiment show massive differences in veggie size!

Click here for more info about various ongoing orgonite experiments.


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