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The Domancic Method of bioenergy healing

Over 35 years ago Croatian Zdenko Domancic pioneered his particular therapy, the Domancic Method, that focuses on restoring balance to the energy body.  It is a highly effective and scientifically tested and proven modality.  The healing therapy is simple, non-invasive, has no harmful side-effects and is safe to use on animals, children and pregnant women in any trimester.

In 1985, over a period of 6 months, Mr Domancic successfully treated 300 people with gangrena humida (damp gangrene), this project having been undertaken at the request of the Ministry of Health of the former Yugoslavia.  Mr Domancic has also taken part in HIV/AIDS research at Stanford University and works with scientists in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

What is the process?

There are 7 basic techniques that therapists use to stimulate the immune system and balance the human biofield or aura, an early warning system that contains all information about our state of health, and which manifests as an irregular shape when we are not well.  These techniques are performed in certain combinations or protocols that are used to treat over 160 conditions.

The video below by Zoran Hochstatter and Stephanie Cote introduces and examines the effects, results and the future of bioenergy healing. The focus is on the Domancic Method.

The Domancic Clinic

Zdenko Domancic and his team of therapists treat 150 to 180 patients a week at the Domancic Clinic in Bled, Slovenia.  This is also the venue where he teaches his method to people of all ages, nationalities and occupations.  Below are pics taken of me at the clinic - I can be seen working on a fellow student, who in turn, worked on me.

Doing PK in Bled Headwarming session - Bled

To date Mr Domancic and his team have treated over 1.6 million patients!  I'm excited to be part of the growing number of therapists worldwide who can offer this effective biohealing treatment to anyone who seeks a complementary or alternative solution for their condition or dysfynction.

Do you seek relief from a medical condition?

In the words of Zdenko Domancic: "When a human being is ill, it is a sign that the immune system in a certain part of the body has refused collaboration.  We are the mechanics of the system."

I offer individual sessions at my home and distant healing.  A treatment consists of sessions of about 15 to 20 minutes each, every day for 4 days.  It is important that you don't skip a session so only commit to the therapy if you can spare the time.  I do not charge a set fee for treatment but donations are gratefully accepted.   In the spirit of give and take, donations of cash or kind, according to your appreciation of the healing process outcome and your financial position, complete the energy exchange.

You may get in touch with me via my contact page on this website.


The most common feedback I receive from clients is that they feel lighter and happier.  As an example this is a quote from a distant healing client in Singapore : "Thank you again for all the wonderful healing energy the last 5 days, I am truly grateful.  Apart from the physical healing energy, this week has been the first time in so many months that I've felt so much lighter, more positive and more hopeful about the future.  The energy has helped me not only heal but has also uplifted my spirit!  Thank you."


For more information you may browse the official website of the Domancic Method in Slovenia by clicking here.

Zoran Hochstatter, the cinematographer who made a tv documentary featuring Mr Domancic and his bioenergy therapy (refer to the video above), was drawn to learn the method.   Subsequently Zoran was appointed to open clinics in the USA, Canada and the UK.  The link to his website.

The results speak for themselves.  Check out the comments of people who've experienced remarkable relief from various conditions, as published on this Facebook page .

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Angels are special

These angels with hearts in uplifted hands have been discounted as from 1 December.

Each angel contains a copper-wrapped quartz crystal plus chips of rose quartz, chrysoprase and amethyst.  Available in a wide range of muted colours, the angels are about 7.5cm high and 9cm wide.


Price: R140 each

EMR shields

Bodyguard Buttons are electromagnetic radiation shields that may be used not only on cell phones but also on any devices that emit EMF and EMR such as cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and game consoles.

Bodyguard Buttons

The buttons contain fine aluminium shavings, bronze and copper powder, powdered kyanite, pyrite and unakite, and chips of quartz crystal, rose quartz, chrysoprase, amethyst and black tourmaline.

The price of the buttons is R65 each.

I also offer an orgonite Cell Charm that may be looped onto a cell phone, bag, keyring, rearview mirror, belt etc.  The materials used in these charms are identical to those in the Bodyguard Buttons.

Cell Charms

The Cell Charms are available at R75 each.

Discounted orgonite

I discount field orgonite (TowerBusters) for quantity.  TBs are rough-and-ready pieces mostly used outside the home, although they are very effective inside but not attractive enough to be put on display!

My new standard pieces, made in black or white, now contain unakite, a stone with properties very like orgonite!  Unakite is a balancing and grounding stone that promotes a calming energy, lifts depression, relieves stress and insomnia, protects against electromagnetic radiation and boosts healthy plant growth.

In addition, unakite is recommended for use by pregnant women, helps to release emotional blockages and may trigger psychic vision.

Tower Busters

1 TB R40

2 TBs R75

3 TBs R110

4 TBs R145

5 TBs R175

6 TBs R205

7 TBs R235

8 TBs R260

9 TBs R285

10 TBs R310

TBs are very versatile orgonite items. Originally designed to clear the electromagnetic radiation emitting from cell phone towers, TBs are also perfect for promoting plant growth, creating a protective ring around your home and shielding you from EMF in your home (one per average sized room). Place one in your fridge, one close to your electrical distribution board and one at the water inlet to your home, as well.

Upcoming events

I shall not be trading at markets for the foreseeable future.

Orgonite veg experiment

Crops grown by P Barker as part of an orgonite plant experiment show massive differences in veggie size!

Click here for more info about various ongoing orgonite experiments.

How to Make Orgone & Orgonite with Ease


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