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Pioneers in the field of orgone energy

Throughout the ages the etheric energy that permeates all animate and inanimate matter has been known amongst different cultures as ch'i, ki, prana, ha, hormic energy, élan vital and more recently as the torsion field, quantum foam, dark matter, zero point energy, virtual particle flux, superstrings and scalar wave field, to name a few.

Early pioneers in this field are 18th century German physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who called this vital force animal magnetism, and 19th century German chemist Baron Charles von Reichenbach, who called it odyle.

Dr Wilhelm Reich

Dr Wilhelm Reich

A close colleague of Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychiatrist Dr Wilhelm Reich used a modified geiger counter to detect this life energy which he called orgone.  In the 1930s his research in the fields of biology and physics led to the construction of orgone accumulators (ORACS) of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials.  He used these ORAC boxes to treat his cancer patients with great success.

Reich also constructed the first 'cloud buster', a weather control device that was able to dissipate clouds AND break droughts by triggering rainfall.

The American FDA were successful in having Reich arrested and convicted for the unauthorised interstate sale of his orgone accumulators.  Although the FDA also destroyed tons of his publications and equipment in 1956, and Reich died in prison in 1957, his work was continued in the 1960s by Russian scientists.

David Wilcock - lecturer, film-maker, and researcher of ancient civilisations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy - recognises Wilhelm Reich as an energy field pioneer.   David wrote this in the first chapter of his epic book, The Source Field Investigations:  "A variety of scientists and scholars in the Western world have made discoveries that reveal the existence of the Source Field - including controversial figures like Wilhelm Reich, who was a protégé of Dr Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology."

The video below, entitled 'Man's Right to Know', is a documentary about the life and work of Dr Reich.

Franz Bardon

Franz Bardon

Czech Franz Bardon was a Hermetic magician who was tortured and imprisoned by the 3rd Reich for more than 3 years for refusing to reveal esoteric information.  After the end of World War II, Bardon resumed his healing and occult work.

In 1956, one of the books he published was "Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice".  In the book he reveals that energy accumulators are known as fluid condensers, either solid, liquid or aeriform.  And he further reveals that solid fluid condensers are a mix of resin and metal (as is 21st century orgonite!).  In Bardon's words: "The so-called genuine alchemistic "life-elixirs" are nothing else but marvellously composed fluid condensers."

Karl Hans Welz

Karl Welz

Austrian Karl Hanz Welz produced an orgone generator in the 1990s, a device of metal particles suspended in resin that converted DOR (Deadly Orgone) into POR (Positive Orgone).  This differed from Reich's layered ORAC that accumulated both DOR and POR.

Welz named the resin/metal mix orgonite.

In 2005, more than 10 years later, Welz trademarked the name 'orgonite' even though, at that stage, it was a widely used generic term.

Don and Carol Croft

Don Croft and his daughter, Nora

Early this century, Don Croft and his psychic wife, Carol, introduced a quartz crystal to the orgonite mix of resin and metal, in order to amplify the orgone energy.  The couple also developed tactical orgonite devices such as Tower Busters (TBs), Holy Hand Grenades (HHGs) and orgonite Cloud Busters (CBs - sometimes referred to as ChemBusters), that are used to neutralise the DOR (Deadly Orgone) emitted by cell phone towers, nuclear reactors, HAARP and chemtrails.

Don and Carol were instrumental in starting the worldwide 'gifting' movement.  They generously shared their knowledge and thus thousands of people worldwide learned to make and distribute orgonite and make our toxic world a better place.

Don has written a book about his journey, and the simple things ordinary people with extraordinary vision can do to heal our planet.  Click on the image of his book 'The Life Etheric with Carol Croft' to discover how to order your copy.

Georg Ritschl

Georg Ritschl

A pioneer in Africa - that's German architect Georg Ritschl, who is based in South Africa.  Since 2002 he has undertaken gifting expeditions in more than 10 countries around Africa, with gratifying results such as the reversal of drought, dissolution of chemtrails and increased plant growth.

I'm of the opinion that it's thanks to Georg that World Cup 2010 went off so well... he 'orgonised' all 9 soccer stadiums in South Africa prior to kick-off.  I salute you, Georg!

Click on the image alongside to buy Georg's book 'Operation Paradise'.

A statement made by Georg in his book: "Of course, Orgonite is no automatic Fix-All and there is still work left to do for each and everyone of us.  But creating a more alive matrix with the help of orgone devices such as described here definitely sets the right conditions for people to come up with more constructive ideas for the development of our global society."

That says it all!

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Angels are special

Each angel contains a copper-wrapped quartz crystal plus chips of rose quartz, chrysoprase and amethyst.  Available in a wide range of muted colours, the angels are about 7.5cm high and 9cm wide.


Price: R140 each

EMR shields

Bodyguard Buttons are electromagnetic radiation shields that may be used not only on cell phones but also on any devices that emit EMF and EMR such as cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and game consoles.

Bodyguard Buttons

The buttons contain fine aluminium shavings, bronze and copper powder, powdered kyanite, pyrite and unakite, and chips of quartz crystal, rose quartz, chrysoprase, amethyst and black tourmaline.

The price of the buttons is R65 each.

I also offer an orgonite Cell Charm that may be looped onto a cell phone, bag, keyring, rearview mirror, belt etc.  The materials used in these charms are identical to those in the Bodyguard Buttons.

Cell Charms

The Cell Charms are available at R75 each.

Discounted orgonite

I discount field orgonite (TowerBusters) for quantity.  TBs are rough-and-ready pieces mostly used outside the home, although they are very effective inside but not attractive enough to be put on display!

My new standard pieces, made in black or white, now contain unakite, a stone with properties very like orgonite!  Unakite is a balancing and grounding stone that promotes a calming energy, lifts depression, relieves stress and insomnia, protects against electromagnetic radiation and boosts healthy plant growth.

In addition, unakite is recommended for use by pregnant women, helps to release emotional blockages and may trigger psychic vision.

Tower Busters

1 TB R40

2 TBs R75

3 TBs R110

4 TBs R145

5 TBs R175

6 TBs R205

7 TBs R235

8 TBs R260

9 TBs R285

10 TBs R310

TBs are very versatile orgonite items. Originally designed to clear the electromagnetic radiation emitting from cell phone towers, TBs are also perfect for promoting plant growth, creating a protective ring around your home and shielding you from EMF in your home (one per average sized room). Place one in your fridge, one close to your electrical distribution board and one at the water inlet to your home, as well.

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Orgonite veg experiment

Crops grown by P Barker as part of an orgonite plant experiment show massive differences in veggie size!

Click here for more info about various ongoing orgonite experiments.


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